Lighting Products

We can get any specialty bulb you need!

We do not sell cheap bulbs - we sell the best quality we can get.  Small enough that you can get more personal service, we can provide delivery for qualified orders in Southwest Michigan from Jackson to the lakeshore as far north as Grand Rapids, south to the border.  

From specialty flourescents to stadium lights and more, we offer a wide variety of light bulbs for all kinds of applications.  

In addition to many standard bulbs, we carry high-end flourescent light bulbs that are excellent for office lighting and applications that rely on great lighting for detailed work, such as body shops.


F32 T8 850 Triten

This linear fluorescent bulb offers around 50% more lumens than the average office fluorescent.  These bulbs are very bright but not harsh on your eyes, making them much easier to work in.



Linear Fluorescent Lamps

Upgrade your lighting systems without sacrificing light output.  Save energy with our line of long-life fluorescent lighting, which also includes Circular and U-Bent shapes.


HID Lamps

Our complete HID lamp line includes pule start and protected metal hallides, high presure sodium and mercury vapor options.  These lamps offer higher lamp efficacy and higher light output than standard incandescent or fluorescent lamps.


Halogen Lamps

Providing bright, white light and long life, our halogen assortment features lamps that come in a variety of sizes and shaptes making them a great choice for multiple lighting solutions.  These lights are completely dimmable and can be used anywhere.


Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Available in many shapes, sizes and kelvin temperatures, our high-quality, long-lasting CFLs fint almost any application and are a brilliant alternative to incandescent and halogen light sources.


Incandescent Lamps

We offer a wide range of incandescent lamps to meet decorative, general, low voltage and rough service applications.


LED Lamps

High-power, high-performance and high-quality LED lamps utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide energy-efficient lighting solutions for everyday general illumination, as well as more demanding directional applications.

We can get all kinds of LED bulbs - Call us for a quote!



We carry a full line of ballasts.

Give us a call and we can get you the ballast you need!